Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

I love old things! Especially old barn wood. If I were more talented I would make all of our bedroom furniture out of old barn wood. If my husband had more time he would make it for me=) A few years ago I bought these old Pepsi bottle carriers at a yard sale. A friend gave me the idea to make them into spice racks. It was hard to find the right spice container that would fit. I discovered, after babysitting my nephew, that these Gerber baby food containers fit perfectly.

A friend asked me if I would like to have a chicken coop that came from an old chicken house they tore down. She knew I was looking for something for the kids to put hats, gloves, shoes, etc. in and thought this would be perfect. Well, it is!! Thanks Julia!! I love it!! I begged my husband to get some old boards somewhere for me to hang hooks on...and he came home one day with it...Yay!!! This kind of stuff is so exciting for me!!!

I love to paint. Especially wood paneling. Two of the walls in our kitchen were dark wood paneled when we first moved here. I wanted them to go with the barn theme of our kitchen, so I played around with this wall and made it look like....wood paneling! ha!
My parents gave me this picture frame and old public sale poster, so this is hanging in my kitchen. It is actually a poster from a distant relative. So cool!!

This is not something old, but I just recently saw an idea in a magazine about connecting all your picture frames together with metal brackets to make a collage. I love it so much more than just hanging them different places. I found the "Family, one of God's masterpieces" lettering for the wall at Kohl's for 1/2 price!! Love it too!!