Friday, May 13, 2011


I have been trying really hard to just be satisfied with where I am in life right now. Sometimes it is so hard to not always want just a little more out of life....a little more space, a little more time, a little more things.....a little more peace and quiet=) I have been working on enjoying being a mom to 4 children....notice I said working on it. There are many times I feel overwhelmed and unqualified for is the hardest job I ever had, but with 100X the benefits of any other. With God's help and His wisdom and patience (which I ask for a lot), I can do this!! I love seeing my youngest two play so well together. They are 16 months apart and lately they have been enjoying each others company more than usual. It makes my heart happy to hear them giggling and talking to each other throughout the day...Here are a few shots of them over the last couple days:

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  1. I've noticed my boys playing more's wonderful! Of course, things generally eventually disintegrate to hitting and not sharing, but it lasts longer then it used to. :-)

    Great photos!