Monday, January 10, 2011

The Dishwasher....A Thing of the Past!

Occasionally I will remember that I really don't need to lecture my children, they learn more by their own choices and the consequences that follow=) Besides they usually tune me out during a's hard to sit back and let them make their own decisions though. A good example of this happened yesterday. My oldest daughter and son decided that they don't enjoy emptying the dishwasher any longer. I don't remember them ever complaining about this before! So I told them they are welcome to wash and dry all the dishes by hand if they want to. My daughter right away said, "No way! I will stick to the dishwasher!" While my son said that he would like to wash dishes. They stood there and argued about this for a minute or two before I intervened..."I have an idea!" I said, "Why don't you empty the dishwasher every other day and starting today, your brother will wash and dry and put away all the dishes." (Notice the bold print where I put a very strong emphasis while I was talking=) He was very pleased with this idea and she was not, because that meant she would have to empty the dishwasher by herself! I reminded her that it would only have to be every other day, to which she agreed.
Since lunch wasn't quite ready, I told my son he might want to start on some of the dishes until we start eating. He was very pleased with this, because it was kind of fun anyway! After lunch we all helped clear the table and stacked the dishes (HIGH) beside the sink, and he got to work. My daughter wiped the table off and then reminded him that it was his turn to sweep the floor!! =) To my surprise, he didn't argue. He was determined that his choice to wash dishes was better...
A half hour later we were relaxing and he was only half way through. I kind of felt sorry for him.....well, not really....
That evening he came to me and said, "Mom, I changed my mind...I'd like to help with the dishwasher instead!"


  1. Love the title of your blog - I have a sign hanging in my kitchen that is a reminder to me to Simplfy

  2. yeah for you mom!! so happy you sent this link to me. i love reading blogs and keeping in touch with friends. i had to giggle reading this one. sounds sooo like something i would do/say. wish you wouldn't live so far away. we really do need to get together again.