Monday, January 24, 2011

A Nice Surprise

I've come to accept that the baby is no longer "a baby" little girls are growing up, and as much as I am enjoying these toddler years, I remember the times when I felt a little overwhelmed with them over the past 3 years. The two youngest girls are 16 months apart and when they first came to live with us they were 6 and 22 months. Right before this I remember telling a friend how it is so nice now that the older children are at the age where they are starting to be more responsible for their things and they enjoy helping do chores. Soon after, we received a call about these two sisters that needed a home. I knew it was going to be a challenge at first, going from 2 to 4 children in about an hour, but we felt at peace about this and were excited to add to our family. As challenging as it has been, I wouldn't change anything....except for a few times of how I reacted to different situations (actually more than a few) All of our children have been a true blessing and I'm so thankful that the Lord led us down the foster/adoption path!!

On Sunday afternoon, we all took a nap, except for the 8 and 9 year olds. I normally can't sleep very long because I'm am a very light sleeper and will wake at the sound of a mouse scampering in the ceiling! This time I woke up and was surprised how late it was and there were no children screaming, fighting or jumping on the furniture or floors...I quickly went out to see what was WRONG! I found them all in the living room...Happy! The older ones were playing Wii and the girls were content on the couch with a snack that my oldest daughter had gotten for them. I was so excited about this and couldn't believe it, so I had to snap a picture to prove this!=) People kept telling me that it will get I'm starting to think it might! Now, just about an hour ago, the youngest found my Bath & Body Works cucumber melon body spray and decided to spray some in her least her breath smells good!

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  1. ha, shocking, isn't it, when they actually play nice and quiet and together without fighting. I love days or moments like that.